Design and implementation of an e-voucher for online recharge card



Abstract This project was centered on the development of an e-voucher for online recharge card users. The burden of generating pin codes as recharge cards and the subsequent huge database accompanied with the storage of these generated codes, challenges of inefficient bandwidth and network congestions are some of the problems currently being experienced by mobile network providers. These issues and more such as the congestion caused by the toll placed on the network by the need to reload/recharge airtime are what this research aims to proffer solutions to. The new system developed would take away these burdens from the network operators by providing a simple portal where users can recharge their phone online without needing to scratch cards. The research methodology used in this project research is the SSADM (Structured System Analysis and Design Method). The application was developed with PHP and MySQL. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing web-based applications

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