Patterns of interaction in English language classroom as a second language, a survey of J.S.S classes




The study attempted to investigate the patterns of interaction in English language JSS2 classrooms in Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. The study equally reviewed some important and extensive works of literature under sub-headings. The descriptive research survey design was applied in the assessment of respondents’ opinions towards the subject matter. In this study, two null hypotheses were formulated and tested with the application of the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient Statistical tool at a 0.05 level of significance. Also, the simple percentage frequency counts were used to analyze the questionnaire responses of the selected respondents together with the research questions for teachers and students respectively. A total of 100 (one hundred) respondents, 50 (fifty) male and 50 (fifty) female teachers were selected for this study. At the end of the data analyses, the following results were obtained thus: There is a significant relationship between the patterns of interaction and students’ performance in English language JSS 2 classroom and there is a significant relationship between classroom interaction and barriers to students’ learning in the English language classroom. Based on the conclusions reached at the end of this study, the following recommendations are made by the researcher: Teachers should not discriminate against their students in the school. They should ensure that all their students are loved and preferred. This will help all the students in different ways in the school. Rather, teachers, irrespective of their gender, should ensure that they do not give preferential treatment to their students so as to avoid being biased against those students they dislike and giving undue advantage to their favorites in the school. Treating students equally by teachers will enhance interactions between the teachers and their students. Keywords: Patterns, Effectiveness, Interaction, Classroom Teaching and Learning.

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