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Risk and physical strain assessments of workers in engineering workshops


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Risk and physical strain assessments of workers in engineering workshops. 


Workshops technicians often use a variety of machines and equipment to carry out different engineering processes. Some of these machines are automatic control, semi-auto control while some are manually controlled. The operations and processes involved in carrying out workshop activities required different kinds of posture and energy. Most technicians’ posture is awkward which is influenced due to some of the design of machines and inadequate knowledge of technicians about safety and ergonomic, This study aims to investigate the pattern of physical strain, awkward posture risk and environmental factors like noise and vibration, which workers in engineering workshop are prone to by using three ergonomic assessment tools namely: Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) And Job Strain Index (JSI ) and two environmental assessments devices: vibration Meter And Sound Level Meter. The Prevalence of physical strain disorders and ergonomic inappropriateness was high in all study populations, despite the average age and work history of the respondents. Victims of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, (MSDs/MSIs) and cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) were Significant among the total workforce of the study areas. Self-medication among the staffers was noticed maybe this stabilizes expected medication bills and reduces out-of-work syndrome. However, it is concluded that this study had successfully exposed inadequate, ergonomic knowledge as a weakness and that if this measure is critically taken care of, better productivity thus enhanced profitability will be recorded. 


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