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When embarking a research on the issue relating to the public relations and media, the definition, content, importance, scope e.t.c, will be critically examined.
One of the major developments on the last century as a viable managerial tool and a vital communication link in every organized society. An important factor that gave birth to this development is the steady rise types as an organization.
Public leap frog in number and size, communication exchange between individuals, who are interested in the organization, becomes more chaotic, more often than not, people are ignorant of what the management is doing and as a result goodwill can be lost.
To provide information on what the organization is doing for and on behalf of the people and to bring about a better public understanding of its polices and pragrammes at all times an organized public relations becomes a dependable tool.
In the light of the above, one could summarize that public relations is an activity that seeks to establish and maintain, amongst others, mutual understanding between an organization and its divergent publics as well as between people.
At this juncture, it is expedient to examine the concept of public relations as defined severally by different scholars of diverse backgrounds and orientation.
One of the internationally accepted definitions of public relations is that of the British institute of public relations. It opines that? public relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics?.
The aspect of this definition which demands most emphasis is the need for a public relations programme to deliberate, planned as well as sustained.
The Webster?s new international dictionary third edition, defines public relations as; the promotion of rapport and goodwill between a person, firm or institute and other persons, special publics or the community at large through the distribution of interpretative materials development of neighborly interchange and the assessment of public relations. The degree of understanding and good will achieved between an individual, organization or institution and the public. The application of the techniques for achieving this relationship.
The art of science of developing reciprocal understanding and goodwill.
The Mexican statement of 1978 has it that: public relation is the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organization?s leaders and implementation planned pragrammes of action which will serve both the organization and the public interest.
Also, the public relation protect with the management personality on which the public relations with the management personality on which the public relation department represents, through the activities with the use of their prospective tools i.e. (print media), the aim is to create favourable atmosphere between the organization and its publics. Sam Black (1962-62) asserts that the public relations involve any thing that is focused at improving and enhancement the flow of communication between co-operate institution and its publics. The main words that can be drawn out of Sam Black?s definition is the critical role-played by any (if any) public relations department through the use of the mass media. However in this research work (job) .will be done on print media shall be consider and emphasized as the main, crucial and prominent tools and public relations department in any organization.
To some people, print media is misbelieve to belong or based on newspaper alone, but that is the one of the issues this research work want to reshape and correct. While take a look at the way public relations department makes use of various channels available print media to carry out their activities such a bills, calendars, notebooks, novels, magazines, pamphlets e.t.c.
This research will certainly venture top the level of explaining correcting, amending and making know how the public relations department make use to every available channel in the print media.
The research has observed that in so many organizations in Nigeria, management neither recognizes nor appreciate public relations activities through print media by building and enhancing a good image for the organization.
It has been observed that management attitude look nonchalant towards public relations department and their activities. Besides, they don?t want to spend money on it (public relations) activities such as printing of poster, publishing of house journal e.t.c. This is so because of erroneous believe that public relation efforts (activities) are wasteful and not yielding immediate financial benefits to the organization.
Therefore, this study is based on inability of many individuals, firms and other organizations to recognize the use of print media as tools for public relations, especially the Nigerian Breweries plc Ibadan as the study; this project will ascertain the major roles of public relations in the use of print media as a techniques.
Public relations are a major solution, also this project will ascertain if public relations present the image of any organization in a good and acceptable manner. The wrong perception of the management on the above assertion will be corrected.
? To what extent have the public relations department succeeded in assisting the organization in solving management problem through the print media.
? Does public relations make use of print media as a tool?
? To what extent do public relations personnel promote organizational image through print media?
? To what extent do public relations personnel reach their audience through print media for goodwill?
The objective of the study would include the following:-
? To make public relations personnel use print media as one of their tools.
? Among the objective is to make public relations personnel to realize how to promote organization image through the print media.
? To make public relations personnel are able to reach their widest audience through print media for goodwill.
? To make the public relations department be able to affect or have impact on the organization in solving management problem through the print media.
? To examine the above with particular reference to Nigeria Breweries plc, Ibadan.
In study, print media as a tool for public relations personals, some fact should be considered such as seeing how the public relations make use of print media has a tools.
This research work will try to provide satisfactory answers to some questions that are disturbing the mind of policy formulators, students and researchers? e.t.c. Researchers will be exposed to how the public relations person reaches his audience through the print media. Student in various institution will also benefit from this project work by being able to know how public relation personnel use print media as a tool.
Moreover, policy formulators will benefit from this research work because they will be able to identify the usefulness of print media as tools of public relations as policy formulators and corporate managers.
The study is limited to the role of print media as tools of public relations personnel in Nigeria Breweries plc, Ibadan.
Specifically, the study will examine the role of print media, in the activities of Nigeria Breweries plc, Ibadan.
This research focuses on the use of print media as a tool for public relations personnel using Nigeria Breweries plc, Ibadan, as a study.
This research work is constrained with the limited materials from all sources, books, magazines e.t.c and non-cooperative attitude of respondents and the present harsh economic condition in the country. Another constraint is the limited time which also affects the research study.
? PUBLIC RELATIONS:- public relation can be defined as the deliberate, planned and sustained effect to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public,
? PRINT MEDIA: this refers to press media, that is various materials that go to the printing room e.g. Newspaper, magazine and book publishing.
? PUBLICS: public can be internal and external public in an individual or group relate with their activities of them.
? ORGANIZATION: this is a collection of an interaction and independent individuals or group towards common goals examples includes Lever Brothers plc, PZ industry (Nig) limited e.t.c for the purpose of this research work reference will be made to Nigeria breweries plc, Ibadan.
? MANAGEMENT: at it is used in this work refers to the leadership of an organization within the total quality management environment; they are the top managers of an organization.
? TOOLS:- it has to do with something such as a piece of equipment or skill that is useful for doing your job


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