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1.1 Background to the Study
The introduction of a new curriculum and syllabus for National Diploma in office technology and management studies in long overdue for use in the current trend of information technology. Office Technology and Management is beyond typing and writing shorthand. In order to be efficient modern technology such as the use of computer has introduced new innovation. The academics in the field of Office Technology and Management should make efforts towards contemporary development in information technology. In order to make their product relevant in other world.
According to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE),(1990) National Diploma in Office Technology and management study is a two year programme design to equip study with secretarial/management skills for employment in various fields and special areas as well as courses in general education. In addition, the acquisition of Vocational Skills in Secretarial/managerial study, students are equipped with the effective work. Competence and social psychological skills of which arevery essential in everyday interaction. The objective of the presentational diploma syllabus according to the NBTE sets goals and objectives is to type words like 100 per minute and having capacity to transcribe on the typewriter at the speed of 50 words per minutes (wpm) accuracy. This is with a goal of fitting properly into any office in any organization and performing professionally the function of a Office Manager/manager which among others, include relating the function of the office to the whole organization attending meeting and providing information appropriate action independently when faced faced with challenging secretarial/management problems, showing personal qualities and attributes, conductive to tolerance and co-existing with other work groups.
1.2 Statement ofthe Problem
The post or a confidential Office Manager in the local government administration is of great importance. Confidential Office Manager is the engine room in the administrative system of local government by Verne of Federal Republic of Nigeria constitution; he/she is sided with the following responsibilities.
1. Provide secretarial and administrative support to three (3) to four (4) partners and for directors.
2. Liaises with the Office Manager to the government and other necessary state functionaries on state local government relations.
3. Liaises on the behalf of the chairman with the local government council.
4. All correspondence flowing to and from local government must pass through him/her.
5. He/she is to counter sign the annual performance evaluation report of the head of department of local government.
6. It is the duty of the confidential Office Manager to maintain cast consciousness through the local government organization in order to ensure the proper value obtained for money spent.
Finally, in his/her capacity as a confidential Office Manager to the government all committee reception data to enable them perform or discharge their duties satisfactory in the conclusion in the conclusion, the role of a confidential Office Managership in the government sector is very because he/she is the chief administrative advisor or to the executive arm to the local government.
1.3 Objectives ofthe Study
The primary objective of the study is to identify the roles of confidential secretaries in a Government sector.
Other specific objectives are:
i. To investigate how confidential secretaries prefer the use of computer to typewriter.
ii. To know if the introduction of computer into modern office has increased their output and create many job opportunities for confidential secretaries.
iii. To investigate the effect of computer on secretarial skills.
iv. To enable us to know, if the invention of computer make jobless burdensome.
v. To investigate whether computer entrances the performance of secretaries.
1.4 Research Questions
The study understands the various points of view of confidential secretaries regarding their roles.
The research questions are stated below:
1. Does a confidential Office Manager prefer the use of computer to typewriter?
2. Does increase occur in the output of modern office after the introduction of computer?
3. Is there any effect of computer on secretarial skills?
4. Does introduction of computer make jobless burdensome?
1.5 Research Hypothesis
The hypothesis to be used for the study is below showing HO as null hypothesis and H1 as the alternative hypothesis.
a. HO: A confidential Office Manager does not prefer the use of computer to typewriter.
H1: A confidential Office Manager does not prefer the use of computer typewriter.
b. HO: there is no increase in the output of modern office after computer is being introduced.
H1: there is increase in the output of modern offices when computer is being introduced.
c. HO: no effect of computer occurred on secretarial skill
H1: effect of computer occurs on secretarial skills
d. HO: introduction of computer does not make jobless burdensome.
H1: introduction of computer make jobless burdensome.
e. HO: computer does not enhances the performances of secretaries
H1: computer enhances the performance of secretaries.
1.6 Significance ofthe Study
The significance of this study is to shed more light on the roles of office manager in the efficiency of Government Corporation. Significance is that it will also benefit other research by serving as a literature.
This literature work covers the roles of secretaries in the government sector, it provides secretarial and administrative support to three (3) to four (4) partners and or directors. Classification, qualities duties of a confidential Office Manager

1.7 Limitation of the Study
The research of the work shows how students of Office Technology and Management, formerly secretarial studies are being limited to the universal group and limited to certain jobs, it help the student to avoid in ferocity complex toward the challenges that comes their ways.
The student are being discourage in not offering Office Technology and Management for merely secretarial studies due to improper course at the point of studies and not up to date technically.
The assumption that the respondents will answer the going to be of another limiting factor.
1.8 Scope of the Study
This research work will examine the role of secretaries in the Government sector and the way through which enhances business in organization.
1.9 Definition of Key Terms
These are words and concepts that are used in the course of this study.
1. Data Processing: this is a system whereby computer processing capabilities are spread around a number of geographical location connected by electro communication.
2. Automation: this is the act or process of converting the controlling of machine or device to a more automatic system, such as computer or electronic controls.
3. Memories: this is the method of strong information on computer for further retrievals.
4. Diskette: It is an object in which typing information are being recorded for retrieval purpose.
5. Cursor: this is for side arrow that tells how to move any direction on the monitor.
6. Delete key: this is a key that is used in correcting any mistake made when typesetting.
1.10 Historical Background of the Study
Ibarapa East Local Government comprises two major towns, which are Eruwa and Lanlate with villages surrounding the two towns. The local government which used be part of Ibarapa north became autonomous in May 1989, when the president and commander in Chief of the armed forces General Ibrahim Gbadamosi, Babangida in a nation-wide broadcast on may 3rd 1989 announced the creation of additional one hundred and forty nine local government nation-wide.
The local government that had its headquarter in Eruwa is placed between Ido and Ibarapa Central Local Government. It consists of an area of about 70, 57, 8, hectares of land with population of 57,014 by 1991 Census figure.
The local government has 10 political wards (Six in Eruwa and 4 in Lanlate).


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