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This research work is on Social media utilization and students academic performance. This work carefully examined the social media utilization and students’ academic performance in Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos State The investigation used the data carefully gathered from questionnaires administered to students and teachers of four randomly selected senior secondary schools in the local government. Responses of 300 students and 40 teachers in the selected school were analyzed employing the descriptive statistical instrumental of frequency count and percentage. The analysis revealed that above 90 percent of the student engaged one social networking site or the other with the majority of them predominantly belong to Facebook, Whatsapp, and 2go social media communities. However, most students failed to utilize these sites for academic-related purposes but for relational purposes and romantic purposes among others. This is further affirmed by the results obtained by the researcher from the students’ poor performance in Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) between 2010 and 2015 in the selected schools. The researcher equally found out that students’ unguarded exposure to social networking sites posed many behavioral risks to them as some sites make them wild, aggressive, narcissistic, bullying in language, conduct, comportment, and character. Although social networking sites have a negative effect on teenagers, these sites also have benefits if students use then appropriately. This platform if properly utilized can be a veritable tool for e-learning. So school authorities should come up with a template on how their students can maximize the benefit of social media while the government needs to put in place adequate control measures to regulate the content of social media as well as student usage of the site.


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