The effect of teacher characteristics on student performance




This project is on The effect of teacher characteristics on student performance. An interesting and potentially important finding is that younger teachers are better able to improve the mean mathematics performance of their students. Furthermore, younger teachers themselves performance better on subject tests than do their older counterparts. Changes in teacher education in the late 1990s and early 2000s may explain the differences in the performance of younger teachers relative to their older counterparts. However, further investigation is required to fully understand these differences. Cross tabulation results suggest that there was no difference in performance between teachers who had degrees or diploma suggesting that teacher qualification did not result to increased student academic achievement. The chi-square result illustrates that there is no significant result between teacher qualification and student academic achievement. Participation of teachers in professional development programs has benefited a lot with the improvisation of teaching methods. Teachers with 3 years and above of teaching, recorded higher student academic achievement. This led to the rejection of the null hypothesis that there was no significant relationship between teacher experience and student academic achievement.

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