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This study is an attempt to examine the extent corruption has retarded good governance and development in Nigeria from 1999 to 2014. It focuses on the determination of the cause(s) of corruption in Nigeria the implications and recommendations of appropriate solutions to curb the menace. Discoveries were made such as corruption as the cause of bad governance in Nigeria breeds bad leadership creates room for the looting of the public treasury by public office holders and enhances waste of government funds as a result of ghost workers. The key recommendations were also given such as every public office holder should be made to declare his or her assets before commencement of duties and prior to their leaving of offices and have to be verified to ascertain the truth of such claims, to remove immunity clauses that protect some leaders from prosecution and arrest while in office monetary inducement during elections to solicit for unmerited votes should be treated as criminal offenses and punishment should be given to people found guilty accordingly to serve as a deterrent to others. The study also recommended that corruption can be minimized in Nigeria with good governance and development ensured if we can collectively imbibe and promote moral values, transparency accountability and the rule of law.


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