This research work is on The problems and effects of social welfare services administration in Katsina, Katsina state, Nigeria. The exercise was carried out due to the observed lag in social welfare services and empowerment in community development all over the country. The work had three key objectives which it sought to realize. The concern for Social wellbeing of a nation’s citizens is one of the top policy priority areas for any responsible government across the globe. This concern places a heavy burden on not only the national government but also attract international interest and interventions. Social welfare programmes emanating from this concern for wellbeing is one effort that is often used as criteria to measure the developmental interest of a government about its citizens. Given the fact that social welfare programmes remain people-oriented efforts, it is expectedly a close acquaintance of a democratic leadership This paper therefore explores and identifies some challenges for an effective and sustainable welfare service delivery to include inter-alia; lack of conducive environment for social welfare, inadequate demonstration of political will by the leadership to ensure wellbeing of citizens and whole scale corruption in the entire service delivery process. The researcher found out the various barriers to women participation in community development to include cultural practices, low level of education, and poverty among the women in Katsina local Government Area of Katsina. It is concluded that, the Nigeria government has well- articulated functional programmes that could address specific social needs but marred by the aforementioned challenges. Hence, social welfare services are operationally not effective to ensure wellbeing. There is need for a strong legislation to compel the provisions of necessary infrastructure for such interventions to be meaningful, prompt disbursement of funds, stiffer penalty on corrupt officials of service agencies, amongst other recommendations.

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