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The role of public relations officers in paramilitary organizations




This project looks at The role of public relations officers in paramilitary organizations with a study of Nigeria Police Headquarters Enugu. It looked into the internal and external problems of Nigeria police and how the police relations officer has succeeded or failed in resolving problems. Problems such as the welfare of the police, its relationship with the public and how the police manage crowd and crisis in Enugu State. To achieve this, the survey research method was adopted with questionnaires as the instrument to elicit responses from the respondents. Findings drawn from the study revealed positive that police serving in Enugu faces internal and external problems such as poor salary, poor equipment at home and offices, insufficient accommodation, poor medical care, and poor relationship with the public; which makes it difficult for the police to manage crisis due to inadequate information from the public. The study, therefore, recommended that police should stop the extortion, bribery and corruption, brutality, aiding and abating crimes because of their position in the society. The public should contribute positively to give vital information to the police to fight against the crisis. The Police Public Relations Department should handle the internal and external problems through their cordial relationship with the press. Finally, the government should take serious maintenance of the police in their welfare, so that they would take their work seriously. 


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