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The use of building survey for maintenance of building in Nigeria ( A case study of one storey building at Owerri, Imo state)




This research project present the use of building survey for maintenance of buildings. It used analytic model and field studies on improper building maintenance to discuss the causes and remedial measures to be used. It was discovered that low level of awareness about building survey is the major problem of our building maintenance (i.e carrying-out maintenance programme without proper inspection or investigation to know the causes of the defects in building). The study tried to find out how building survey helps in maintenance of building in our society. It also identified the application and importance of sound building surveying for maintenance of buildings. In constructing this research project, the research had to review some literati on and subsequently embarked on data collection through observation, interview, and questionnaire. The objective of chapter one of the research projects is to introduce the topic which the need for the research is given and stated. The background of the study and other important aspects like the significant of the problem, the scope and limitation were given. The objective of chapter two is to present a piece of the extensive literature review carried out in order to reveal the expressed opinion of notable authors and scholar as regards to the relevance of the building survey. A case study of building survey on one storey residential building was included for reference purpose. Chapter three presents the research design and methodology. Chapter four and five presents the analysis of the research and result, conclusion and recommendation respectively which summarizes the use building survey


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