A remote controlled AC fan speed regulator using discrete integrated circuit




The use of new electronic theories has been put down by expertise to increase the facilities given by the existing appliance. Here the facility of an ordinary fan is increased by the making it controlled by a remote. people are made aware about its advantages and how user-friendly it is. The circuit can be used to regulate the intensity of light. This innovation finds its use mainly to help old age people who don’t want to walk in order to control the speed of fan. It also finds its use if somebody wants to change the speed while sleeping. This construction and implementation of a remote controlled fan regulator enables the user to operate a fan regulator from approximately 10 meters away. The remote transmits a tone using an infrared light-emitting diode. This tone is decoded by a receiver since the receiver only switches when the tone is received. The system was broken down into simpler functional blocks namely infra-red transmitter, infra-red sensor, signal amplifier, control logic, sampler, control stepper, output control logic, load and display unit. The detail of each subunit is described in the paper.

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