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An assessment of the impact of human relation on organizational productivity




This project looks at An assessment of the impact of human relation on organizational productivity. It outlined the nature of human relations, human relations in an organization, the effects of good human relations, factors affecting poor human relations, establishing efficient human relations, leadership role in maintaining human relations, the role of communication in human relations, difficulties and how to improve in working relationship, human relations an image of the organization and human relations in clients satisfaction. The survey method of research design was used data were collected by means of the questionnaire from a sample of 35 staff out of a population of 51 staff of Lokoja Investment and Property Development Company Limited (LIPC). The data were analyzed using the simple percentage method of data analysis, the result of the analysis revealed that traditional treatment (autocratic leadership) of employees can affect human relations, it was concluded that regular payment of workers salaries, effective organizational structure and fair treatment to all employees can help in overcoming poor human relations. The study recommended that workers should be tactful in handling people around them in a skillful fashion, if their work is to be carried out effectively. Institution of higher learning should ensure that workers no matter any field of study, be trained not only academic wise but also in character..


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