This project looks into the Causes and effects of labour turnover among academic staff of tertiary institutions  using Kogi state polytechnic as a case study. Labour turnover has been an ongoing process and it is only when the turnover is high that one goes back to think about the likely causes of such a situation. Kogi state polytechnic Lokoja, has in the recent past been hit by brain drained of academic staff to other organization and these caused considerable damages to both the student and the polytechnic community in general, as a result of frequent resignation of academic staff from the polytechnic, this research work endeavor to find out what were the factors responsible for turnover and what the management could do to curtail the situation. Consequently, upon this, four research questions were formulated and asked to guide the study among the finding made in job satisfaction and security in the polytechnic. The management pays less attention to the staff. The geographical location has been a strong factor in the rate of labour turnover among the academic staff. Base on the finding a conclusion was reached and recommendations were made in order to stop the rate of labour turnover among academic staff in the tertiary institution with particular reference to Kogi state polytechnic Lokoja. Finally, recommendations were made towards finding solution to the problems .

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