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Design and implementation of an efficient congestion control mechanism in GSM network – a case study of 9mobile



Abstract Traffic congestion of GSM has always been a major problem and challenge in Nigeria to the service provider and the subscribers. This work deals greatly with the traffic control congestion and management in mobile wireless communications with the aim of guaranteeing customer’s satisfaction so as to provide very accurate and reliable throughput whenever a wireless network is utilized. Also, increase reliability and error-free data transfer in mobile communication, so as to ensure concurrent access to users without any interference or congestion. The research was developed by exploring the use 9mobile and critically analyzed the call data for a period of busy hours for a week that was collected, and these data are used to describe a model to estimate the maximum number of calls a channel can handle concurrently based on the number of 9mobile’s channel. The data are used to determine the total load per call setup attempts, the effective load or successful call setup (times), the available channels or successful TCH assignments and also the blocking rate or TCH congestion ratio (%). This was done using correlated analysis hypothesis. In this work, from the result analysis obtained graphically, it was discovered that a lot of available channels are being underutilized especially in areas with low blocking ratio where the available channels exceeded the required channels for transmitting the effective load. Therefore, in reducing impulsive congestion in most of these cells, excess channels that are been underutilized should be converted to other cells that may be experiencing congestion. 


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