CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Communication is an important element in Human society in particular and living things in general. Society?s survival and growth demand among other things in a system of communication. According to Albert Silverstone (1974), communication is that process that has allowed man to survive in his current form despite his being singularly unsuited to survive in any particular environment. In the words of Schramm (1971), ?communication is the great relating tool. It relates individuals to each other making it possible for groups to function and for societies to live together harmoniously.? Communication can be defined as the process or the act of exchanging information between one person and other persons. It is also the process of making information available to others. The process of communication is the process by which messages are formulated or amended and transmitted from the source or communication through a channel or medium to a receiver or an audience. Communication is a means of bringing about change. It is the mainstream of any organization growth. There is need form interaction and understanding of management-employee relations this will bring about increased performance of all parties involved in the communication process or chain. According to Banihashemi (2011), communication as a medium, a means to performance ends, or as constitutive, as the end in itself. Communication is a process of transmitting information from one person to another. According to Stephen (2011), communication is a critical factor in directing and mobilizing the workforce towards the accomplishment of the organizational goals or objectives. By creating understanding it enhances co-operation and promote effective performance. According to Williams (2007) smart managers understand that the end effective, straight forward communication between managers and employees is essential for success According to (Mckinney, Barker, Smith& Davis, 2004) communication is essential to effective team performance and communications for any organization is like blood flow in the human body. Therefore any organization that understands the importance of communication uses it in their organizational environment. Since, it ensures coordination of factors of production and most importantly material and human elements of organization as an efficient network of change and advancement. According to Snavely (2001) as cited by Robins (2006), communication process is initialed through the following means the sender-encoding-the message-the channel decoding- the receiver- noise and feedback. It is estimated that managers spend over 80% of their day communicating with others. Since most of the basic management process- planning, organizing, leading and controlling ? cannot be performed without effective communication. Importantly, the relevance of communication keeps advancing as the world becomes a Global village. The need to become visible to the world has made many organizations to embrace new technology that would increase organizational performance. There are also many issues affecting communication ranging from difference in sex, role of silence, inference of government and cross- cultural inference. Therefore it becomes important to emphasize on innovation and effective use of communication medium or channel to bring about high performance rate. Hence any breakdown in communication process or chain can have serious adverse effects on organizational performance. Clear open communication can create a sense of transparency in your organization, which builds trust between the levels of the employees, as keeping employees in the dark can results in resentments, tension and a feeling of low job security. Strong communication can help them feel valued and trusted. Open communication can reduce feelings of uncertainty and cluelessness about the state of the company, which makes for a more-positive work environment and staff who feel secure and safe. Furthermore knowing fully that poor communication rank as the single most important reason that people do not advance in their career as stated by Lepsinger & Luacia (1997) it becomes that the management of the Nigerian Brewery determines the best ?channel? in transmitting ?messages? to their staffs for effective and positive feedback. Thou there are many barriers to communication; filtering, selective perception, information overload, personal bias, language and communication apprehension. Hence management must try to address these barriers for effective result. Communication can be a tricky concept to master within an organization, particularly one with multiple issues. When all parts of your organization communicate smoothly, it can improve workflow and overall productivity. By making an effort to improve your communication process, you can build a stronger company that will have staying power in the market. Communication is also, essential to building relationship between staff members and between levels of employees both on a professional and social level. In an organization, one can only imagine what would happen if communication does not exist. Employees would not be able to express their ideas; as a result staff(s) will combine experience in coming up with innovative solutions. Communication will prevent employees from feeling isolated, build teamwork and creates a more collegial atmosphere in the office. When relationships are strong, employees are better able to trust one another and work together more effectively. The study will therefore examine the contributions of effective communication for enhancing the organizational performance of Nigeria breweries 9th mile corner, Ibadan. 1.2 BRIEF HISTORY OF THE NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC Nigeria Breweries plc, incorporated in 1946, is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigerian. Its first bottle of beer Star lager, rolled off the butting lines of its Lagos brewery in June 1949. In September 2003, the company acquired its fifth brewery in the Country and in October 2013, its sixth brewery, sited at Ama. In Enugu Ama Brewery is the largest brewery in Nigeria and one of the most modern worlds wide. The company has a portfolio of high quality brands and alcohol-free drinks. Martina in three varsities namely, Maltin classic, Maltina strawberry, and malting pineapple: Maltina Sprit in Tetrapak Amstel Malta, fayrouz in pear and pineapple climax energy drink as Malta gold became part of the NB family in October 2011. 1.3 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Research has proved that effective communication is a key to a successful organizational performance. This is so because it permits workflow and overall productivity. Today, with modernized or latest communication gadgets, many organizations are looking up to a positive performance. However, it is certain that Nigeria breweries 9th mile corner, Ibadan lacks effective communication. The researcher therefore investigated the organization and the relevant of communication as a tool for enhancing organizational performance. 1.4 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objectives of this study include: 1. To find out the communication techniques and system used by Nigeria. Breweries Company. 2. To find the extent communication system can be applied in this company. 3. To find out the effectiveness of such techniques 4. To find out the challenges of communication in the company. 1.5 RESEARCH QUESTIONS The research finds the following research questions relevant to the study. 1. What are the communication techniques used by Nigeria Bottling Company? 2. To what extent does Nigeria Breweries Plc apply communication system? 3. How effective are these techniques? 4. What are the challenges to communication in the company? 1.6 RESEARCH HYPOTHESES The following research hypothesis was relevant to this study. H1: Nigeria Breweries Plc uses communication system Ho: Nigeria Breweries Plc does not use communication system. H1: Nigeria Breweries Plc applies Communication system. Ho: Nigeria Breweries Plc do not apply Communication system 1.7 SCOPE OF STUDY This study is limited to Nigeria breweries Plc. 1.8 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study will be specifically of great importance to Nigeria bottling company, their customers and the academic institutions. It will benefit the company by helping them to know the best media to use. It will also expose their customers to the importance of communication in business organization and to increase the store of knowledge to the academic world 1.8 OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS OF TERMS Communication: This is the process of transmitting information, ideas through, telnets etc and attitudes from one person to another. Enhancing: Increasing or further improving the good quality value or status of something. Organization: An organization refers to a group of people how a business forms together in order to achieve a particular aim. Performance: This refers to how well or badly something is done. 1.9 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The research work focuses particularly on the role of Communication as a tool for enhancing organizational performance, but given the particular circumstances the research have compelled the researcher to confine the study to only one branch, Nigeria breweries Plc 9th mile corner Ibadan.

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