Influence of news censorship on the performance of media houses in Nigeria (a study of Nasarawa broadcasting service, Lafia)



The aim of this study was to analysis the influence of News Censorship on the Performance of Media Houses in Nigeria. The aim of this study was achieved using the survey research method. Subjects were drawn from staff of Nasarawa Broadcasting service using the purposive sampling technique. Five research questions were used in the study. The findings of the study showed that news censorship has negative influence on the performance media houses news objectivity accuracy and balance and on reporters and editors. However, recommendations were by the researchers that reporters and editors should be given the freedom to gather and disseminate news without prior and post censorship and self-censorship for the interest of the public and for news objectivity, accuracy and balance which should be priority of every media house. However this freedom should be matched with maximum responsibility to ensure continuous public and government trust in the media. The researcher suggested that further study should be made using more refined tools larger sample size and another geographical area that will give the study a wider scope and empirical lift.

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