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This project studies Consumer satisfaction and retention, a key to business survival. Before any business can succeed in winning customers and outperforming competitors, there is need to embark upon a thorough task. Generally, companies are facing toughest competitions in building customers, not just product. Many companies is of the opinion that it is the marketing or sales department jobs to procure customers, if they cannot, the company draws the conclusion that marketing people are not capable and competent but intact marketing, is only one factor in attracting and keeping customers. The topic aids the researcher to improve and increase the sales volume of the organization. Its makes to know that the interest of consumer should be bear in mind and be properly monitored for success accomplishment thereby retaining them. The best marketing department in the world cannot sell product that are poorly made or fail to meet consumers need. Therefore, the project concluded that if present economic system continue aid prosper, the marketing manager of Nigeria must uniformly have as their goal the satisfying of consumers desires. Also the project recommended that the company must pay adequate and closer attention to its customer defection rate (the rate at which the company losses customers) by improving on its existing products quality. The company should motivate its employees (salesman) so as to serve the customer better.


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