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Contributions of office managers towards the attainment of organizational goals




This project looks at Contributions of office managers towards the attainment of organizational goals. Office managers though the image makers in the organization are relegated to the background. For this reason, the research had to find out how they contribute to organizational goal through maintaining effective communication and enhancing human relations activities in the organization. In carrying the study three research questions were formulated. The researcher also used a descriptive survey research design with a population of 101 office managers in various Banks, Afikpo North Local Government Area. There was no sampling since the population was manageable and it was found out that office managers contribute to the attainment of organization goals through their administration activities, ensuring effective communication and maintaining human relations in the organization. It was therefore recommended that management of the organization should motivate office managers through the increase and pay packages, they should also involve them in policy-making activities of the organization. Office managers should be duly compensated, office managers should involve in management and policy making, the carrier progressing office managers should be placed per with other professionals with the same educational qualification since organizations cannot survive without managerial manpower in the offices. 


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