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Abstract Home automation is one of the fast growing industries that keep promising and satisfy the world population in such many ways. The problem associated with the existing system is that, generally conventional home using simple latching switch that being connected to the power supply for controlling electrical appliances such as lighting. This switch usually located at wall in sight of the controlled appliances. Nowadays new technologies create new solution for home system. This improvisation called home automation. There have been several commercial and research projects on smart homes. Many of the commercial products use remote control whether it has button or fully touch screen. Still, monitoring and controlling the appliances need some movement and physical contact. Thus, this will be a burden to disable person especially for the disabled and elderly people. As for this project, the proposed solution is to develop a wireless remote control for the home appliances which can be controlled using voice. This system include Graphical User Interface (GUI) features to guide the user which also using voice. Controlling home appliances with wireless technology has revolutionized our way of living. Home owners can come to an ideal environment coming from their daily activities. Technique used in this system is not complex. It is the location independent system being GSM available for the ease of user. In future many more features can be added in it like home appliances can be controlled by using voice call by implementing more secure and efficient techniques. 


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