Motion detection security system (MDSS) in live video stream



Abstract Motion detection is the process of detecting moving objects (particularly people) from a captured or live video. The current security system, specifically, the well-known CCTV, consumes a lot of resources such as memory, due to nonstop recording. Verily, they are efficient but it takes a while before one gets back to locate the precise time where an event happened in the area under surveillance. One has to rewind and fast forward, going back and forth to search a particular scene and that takes a lot of time and effort.  Furthermore, time is needed to keep watch of the activities going on via the screen. Something may be happening but due to negligence and human errors it may pass by without been noticed, until something happens. Then the search will begin without any idea of where to start searching with lots of videos to go through. As such, much attention and concentration is required to avoid missing important and significant activities. Moreover, as the recorded scenes are continuous, it keeps consuming space, which increases the cost of maintenance, cost of tape or storage medium, technician labour fee, and so on. Another issue is identifying where the scene has happened, in a place whereby a subject moving or conducting an act is far from the camera, the place can be spotted, but then not clear.  The system was tested to make sure all the requirements are met and are working perfectly as expected. The system is successfully and completely implemented. Therefore, at this stage the system is ready for the end users to start operating. The user’s manual is also prepared which is sufficient to give user full instructions of how to use the system.

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