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Design and construction of a groundnut oil extractor. Groundnut is an important crop containing oil. Oil extracting machine separates the oil contained in the groundnut seeds. This oil extracting machine is an electro-mechanical device. It consists of a gear motor purred using electricity. A base, stirrer, stirring shaft and stirring bowl are coupled together using different joining methods. The construction is aimed at reducing manpower requirements and increasing efficiency in oil extraction 26% of the time when compared with the traditional method. This is achieved using various mechanical operations. The materials used are mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized metal sheets and galvanized flat bars. The extraction took place at an approximate speed of 15.72 rpm. The minimum quantity of the grounded groundnut the machine can take at a time is 6.5kg and it extracts about 60% of the groundnut oil content the approximate cost of the machine in N 81.481.25 we recommend the machine be constructed using gasoline or diesel engine so that it can be used even in areas without electricity.

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