Design and development of computer aided learning for teaching tie and dye arts cloth trade

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Abstract This project is aimed at designing and implementing multimedia software for teaching and learning of tie and dying of cloth, the following problems lead to the development of the software. It is difficult to comprehend and learn the course (i.e. tie and dying) due to poor communication skills of teachers, students’ concentration during learning is usually low, students are discouraged in learning and mastering of the course, poor practical knowledge affects their theoretical comprehension and this leads to poor performance. Inadequate teaching/learning facilities, students’ inability to retain/remember what had been taught. In other to overcome this problem the new software will help to design software that will be user-friendly, easy to use and interactive in nature, to design computer software that will help in teaching tie and dying of cloth, to enable students to have a quick understanding about tie and dying of cloth during the lectures, to increase confidence in students in terms of basic practical concepts, to encourage the use of CAI in addition to the conventional teaching method. To achieve the objectives listed, the following programming language will be used to develop the software, visual studio and MySQL database. Visual studio will be used to design the front end of the application while MySQL will serve as the backend for the application for storing data. 

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