Design and implementation of a computerized career guidance information management system



Abstract This project examines current careers education and guidance being delivered in secondary schools and determines whether it is relevant and helpful for students during their decision making process by asking the students directly. The role of Careers Advisors is also investigated, the prescribed careers education curriculum examined and their professional qualifications considered. A qualitative study method was chosen and involved the use of a questionnaire for Careers Advisors, a focus group for Year 13 students, and semi-structured interviews for Year 13 students and those two years post-school. The findings highlight the very complex nature of careers education and guidance and show there are marked differences in terms of what the students and post- students think they need in order to make informed career decisions and what the Careers Advisors are willing and able to deliver within the secondary sector. Also that students and parents should be consulted as part of any careers education programme and their individual circumstances considered. The study highlights variances within the qualifications of Careers Advisors and careers education curriculum delivery across schools. This raises a number of implications for Principals, Deans, Careers Advisors and policymakers including the value of consulting students and offering holistic careers education where the student is placed at the centre, the importance of work experience and allowing broad exposure to as many career fields as possible, placing more emphasis on careers education in Year 9 and 10, and educating parents as part of the careers process. The professional qualifications of Careers Advisors and consistent delivery of the curriculum should also be of concern. Keyword:Careers, Education, Students .

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