Design and implementation of a computerized product distribution monitoring system



Abstract Product distribution is a system through which goods produced are transferred from the production area to the final consumer through different channels. It ensures that people will be able to obtain production when and where needed. It involves the actual movement of products as well as their ownership to the ultimate consumer’s processing of any Nigerian Company, especially in Water Company to computerize to help save difficulties encountered during the distribution of the final product. Product distribution is often said is a system by which products are transferred from the production stated when the idea of producing goods came up. If goods are produced without being sold, it becomes a waste of time, money and resources. Distribution takes different forms there are goods produced that need to be distributed directly to the final consumer is there are some that will undergo certain processes e.g. the distribution channels before it gets to the final consumer. In pal’s water company where products like table water, pure water, yogurt, juice are produced, distributions are done manually. So the aim of this project is to computerized the distribution of processing and monitoring the company goods. The system is implemented using a 3-tier approach, with a backend database, a middle tier of Microsoft Internet Information Services (MIIS) and PHP and a web browser as the frontend client. In other to develop a computerized product, distribution monitoring system for pals Water Company, a number of technologies would be studied and understood. These include multi-tiered architecture, server and client-side scripting techniques, implementation technology such as ASP.NET, programming language (such as C++, PHP) relational database. So the aim of this project is to develop a basic website where the company can provide processing and monitoring of the company products. 

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