Abstract This project title is written to help hospitals especially ONOME CLINIC AND MATERNITY, OFFA KWARA STATE, in the areas where they encounter problems in keeping their attendance scheme for the patients and the solution given to tackle problems such as transforming the existing manual attendance scheme for patients system in which the existing problems involved at time was laziness of the doctors to work, misplacement of files, excessive loitering around of patient for their files and loitering of paper in the office. The intention of this project is aimed at the systematic analysis of information system needs for an integrated open system of the future that is capable of truly integrating heterogeneous components and leaving a maximum of autonomy to the cooperating systems. The Hospital Management System Project is a province-wide initiative designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system, an electronic patient record (EPR). HISP’s goal is to streamline patient information flow and its accessibility for doctors and other health care providers. These changes in service will improve patient care quality and patient safety over time. 

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