Design and implementation of a file encryption system using cryptography

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Abstract It is due to insecurity in files and data that this project is designed using cryptography method (conversion of plain text into cipher text (encrypted text)) and conversion of cipher text into plain text (decryption) using a key that is known to both sender and receiver of such file or data. When a file is encrypted, only the intended user (receiver or sender) can view it by decrypting it using their symmetric key (password) otherwise, it will be displayed as a corrupted file and a message “Access is denied” will be displayed showing that such user is un-authorized. Packages like Ms-Word, MS- Excel, as well as slide are attached to the program for users to use and encrypt such file after saving. File encryption is the process of translating plain text data into something meaningless (ciphertext) while decryption is the reverse. Visual Basic programming language is used in designing this security program to protect file and data in order to achieve its aims and objectives.

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