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Design And Implementation of a Web Based School Management System


This project is on Design And Implementation of a Web Based School Management System. The manual approach used in the regulation of the school activities by the management board is very tedious and stressful.  This research work investigated into the complications encountered due to the debilitation of manpower admitted into the school management with respect to how in-depth it affects other operational systems in the school with a view of designing a computerized system to handle the work with less difficulty for an effective decision-making. In the course of the study, an existing system was digested and its deficiencies were detected and emphatically analyzed, after which solutions to the problems were proffered in the new designed computerized system that is reliable and more interactive.  The new system terminates all the problems experienced with the existing system. The system is built with PHP (Hypertext preprocessor) and MySQL database to suit the ever dynamic needs of a school environment.






Education is an indispensable system on which the life of everyone is built and as well stimulates the entire life application.  It could be referred to as a process designed for the acquisition and dissemination of skills and knowledge to the posterity of the nation.  The identified system tends to be implemented in diverse dimensions basically in schools.

For the past ten years, it has been discovered that schools are not what they were as attributed to the wide ranging changes which have occurred and brought new pressure associated with increased size.  On the account of this, an increasing complexity of organization has been instigated so that stresses and anxieties of choice have been added to those of dimension.

The competent educational administration constitute the intensity of education and its impediments mount a disturbing diffusion and obscuring of purpose and all these changes concede with a major recruiting of curriculum and methodology.  In most cases, the manual method adopted in monitoring some school activities undermine other roles like enrolment of students, computation of student’s result, examination supervision and marking of examination scripts.

With regard to the discrepancies created by the manual techniques of school administration, the school management board should devise a competitive means of achieving their set objective in a computerized school management system.


The basic aim of the study is to provide a lasting solution to the problems emanated from the manual means of school management.  They are as follows:

  • To produce a reliable system that would coordinate most of the school activities.
  • To produce a flexible and comprehensive system that would meet up with the future development in the school.
  • To design and develop a computerized system that would handle the execution of school activities most especially primary/secondary schools so as to liquidate all the problems identified with the existing system.
  • To design and implement a secure school management system for registration and admission of students.
  • To design and implement a school management system that will keep track of student information such as school fees and results.

The sudden increase in the number of students enroll in each school has transcended the manipulation of the existing system used by the school administrators and this prompted a lot of problems which encompass the inaccurate computation of students result by the staffs on the account of non-availability of adequate number of computer systems for the computation.  This is a very ugly development.  Also, it was very complicated to observe when the enrolment of students should cease since there was no efficient system for the estimation of enrolment ratio to give a signal when the enrolment tends to move beyond the projection.  All these and more are encountered due to the debilitation of the prevailing system used.  It was very difficult to point out students who cheat in the course of examination as attributed to the non-standard measure used in the supervision of the examination.  The staff complained seriously about the unnecessary stress encountered while marking the examination answer scripts manually.


The implementation of this computerized system would definitely stimulate the school standard.  This would as well help the management to ease the burden on the staff which would be for the benefit of students and staffs.  It is also a basic study of research and for the entire populace and future researchers. The use of School Management System has the significance effect and this can be enumerated as follows:

  • To help the school to know the pedigree of all the students admitted into the school.
  • To create a storage of large volume of data on school records.
  • To assist the school management for easy identification of students.
  • To prevents students to involve themselves any havoc happening in the school because of the fear tracking them.

This study covered the substantive solution to the problems generated by the existing system used in the school administration and management.  Also, features will be added to the school management system to improve the efficiency of the services rendered by the school.


This project was faced with a number of restricting factors which made the work impossible to get beyond this scope. The most pressing factors were.

  1. lack of finance
  2. epileptic power supply
  • inadequate supply of data
  1. Inadequate time for the project work.


Computation: The act or process of computing/calculation.

Examination: it is the process through which one’s ability is determined after going through a certain process of learning.

Enrolment:  The act of registering a student as a member of the school.

Department: subdivision of an organization

Management:- judicious use of means to accomplish an end.

Report:- This contains the academic  record of a student. It is normally issued at the end of a term.

Software:- These are set of logically related instructions given to the computer to perform some specific tasks.

Student: A person studying at a university other place of higher education.

Student Information: Is a student-level data collection system that allows the department to collect and analyze more accurate and comprehensive information.

Term: duration of a set length; period in a session.


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