Design and implementation of an android face detection and recognition system



Abstract Face recognition and detection is one of the most important fields of modern applications.  Face recognition system uses two sub-systems named face detection system and an image database system.  Face recognition can be of feature-based and image-based.  Feature-based method uses features like skin color, eyes, nose, and mouth to detect and recognize human face whereas image-based method utilizes some preprocessed image sets for detection. The project implements feature-based face recognition system which first finds any face or faces in the color image and then matches it against the database to recognize the individuals. Here, the skin color pixels are used to filter out the interesting regions of human skin from other non- interesting regions.  Once the skin regions are located, facial features like mouth, eyebrow and nose are extracted to locate the human face.  Then, the detected face from image will be compared with the database of training images to find a match.  The project is implemented using Android and JAVA..

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