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Design and implementation of e-portal for effective communication in increasing organization productivity



Abstract This project is to aimed at designing and implementing an E-portal application for an organization. An organization E portal is a one-stop client-oriented web application that personalizes tools and information from organization databases. It is the only one place to get information and it can provide a standard set of tools. The visitors can globally gain access to their information. It aggregates a selected subset of information into a central location. Moreover, it is designed to facilitate collaboration and to ease the flow of information in an organization. A conceptual model representing the fundamentals of the organization E-portal is introduced. The model is refined and transformed into a design model based on the system requirements. The E-portal prototype has been implemented for the purpose of testing. The proposed system architecture includes three layers viz Data layer, service layer, and Presentation layer. The web portal has been built based on open source technologies. The ASP.NET software framework is used to implement the organization E-portal, using AJAX and HTML are part of the technology used to implement the graphical user interface of the system. MD5 encryption algorithm is used for data encryption as part of the E- portal security. The application test results are presented at the end of this project.


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