Design and implementation of employee information and payroll system in a manufacturing setup



Abstract The function of this system is to calculate the payment of the employees and also contain the information of each employee in the organization. It stores information and records of all employees in a database. The system will be used by the staff at the human resource department of a typical Manufacturing organization, calculate and record the data about the employees. There are several modules in this system such as the employee’s payment calculation and registration of new employees and also to update all employees’ details. The system helps the staff to check and find information about employees quickly and systematically. The languages used by the researcher for the design and development of the system are PHP for the front-end and MySQL for the back-end. The system is designed to prevent problems that occurred when using the manual system. The methodology used in the development of this system is the V-Shaped methodology. The structure of V-Shaped methodology consists of the stage of planning, analysis, designing, testing, maintenance and implementation. The scope of the research is focused more on the manufacturing organization’s human resource department regarding the payment structure and personal data of the employees. In addition to other existing systems, the payroll developed would be able to send payslips directly to the employees’ email address, print out payslip with the pictures of the employees including their details and also send information of newly registered employees to their email and the school email for reviews and corrections.

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