Design and implementation of online restaurant food ordering system



Abstract The project “Restaurant Management System” is implemented to reduce the manual work and enhances the accuracy of work in a restaurant. This system manages and maintains the record of customers and room in the hotel. The room has different categories such as A/c., non-A/c., dormitory etc., so the charges and records will be maintained accordingly. This software has been made in a user friendly interface. So that normal person can add and delete the entries of customers and handle all the transactions easily. This project is also designed with full consideration to help the users in an easy manner without any unnecessary wastage of time. This system can be implemented in big restaurant where customers can order their food from their room using system. The menu card consists of various food varieties available in the restaurant. Through the ordering form, the customer can simply click and order the food. The messaging system tells the supplier to supply the particular food. The billing system prepares the bill according to the delivered food. This system entirely reduces the unnecessary time waste inside the hotel as well as it reduces unnecessary noise. This Online Tourism Management has more useful information about the particular place. It is very useful to gather the details without spending more time. So it is a good timekeeper to all. There is no requirement of tourist guide to guide us to the particular place. Thus the project acts as a good tourist guide for the visitors..

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