Abstract The project design and implementation of On-line Shopping Bookshop is an attempt towards computerizing the operations (transactions) taking place in the school bookshop of Federal Polytechnic Nekede. The rapid pace of technological changes in business and high demand for goods motivated the researcher to develop an application on package (software) that improves manual operations of the transactions which are naturally prone to errors and time wastage. This system is called On-line Book shopping and it is developed using Microsoft database application. It is possible to request, pay and get books through the internet. The researcher conducted the research and captured the data through primary and secondary sources. The data obtained were then used for the analysis of the previous method of operation and transaction on one hand and then for designing an online method of purchase on the other hand. Recommendations are provided as it affects the work done and also areas of possible future research.  The new system was designed using Php and Mysql. This language was chosen because of its flexibility and features for developing online based applications.

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