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Abstract From music lyrics to the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, the internet has become the modern world’s infinite information resource with search engines being used by 84% of Internet users to find the data they desire. However, with the exponential growth of the Internet in terms of its size and complexity, the problem is no longer whether one can find a desired article of information. Instead, one is now overloaded with information claiming to be of relevance. The problem has become extracting the information of relevance from that which is irrelevant. With the emergence of Web 2.0, the World Wide Web’s disinterment divarication has increased the necessity for major search engines to search intelligently, offering personal recommendations and dynamic amalgamation of content. With many of the search engines presenting an Internet user with contrasting results for most search terms, the process of extracting information of relevance from them has become increasingly laborious and time-consuming. Envisage a scenario where you were able to give this task to a personal, trained Internet aide that presented only the information that was contextually relevant and localized to your requests further suggesting only the information to you that you find relevant whilst browsing. Advances in the area of intelligent software agents indicate the prospect of applying these agents to the Internet domain. This report documents the exploration and implementation of an intelligent web browsing system, designed as a fully functional and effective user application for use by all types of Internet users. .


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