Design, construction and testing of beans threshing machine




This engineering project looks at Design, construction and testing of beans threshing machine. The main objective of this project is to design construct and test of beans threshing machine at Bayero University Kano, Nigeria, to determine its performance and ease the drudgery problems associated with threshing of beans by a small scale farmers as well as large farmers. Evaluation was carried out with  IT08K-150-27 soybeans variety at different level of moisture contents, 14.5%, 10.5% and 14% and at different drum speed 360 r/min, 466 r/min and 633 r/min with mass inputs of 1.5kg, 2.35kg and 2.0kg. the overall mean results obtained for performance indicators in terms of threshing efficiency are 95.3%, 97.0% and 92.46%,percntage  of grain damage2.53%, 2.11% and 3.10% are  and grain recovery are 98.1%, 98.37% and 98.09%. The evaluation results indicated the highest output of   threshing efficiency of 97.0% at threshing speed 466rpm with an output of 120k/hr was achieve. The beans threshing machine is simple to operate and maintain simple without formal education. The unit cost of this threshing machine was 96,000(ninety six thousand naira only).

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