Fabrication of a remote controlled hydraulic jack. With the growing stages in generation, the efforts required in reaching the favored output can be correctly and economically be reduced with the aid of the implementation of better designs. Power screws are used to convert rotary motion into translator motion. A hydraulic jack is an instance of a power screw in which a small pressure carried out in a horizontal plane is used to raise and lower load. The mechanical gain of a hydraulic jack is the ratio of the load implemented to the effort applied. The hydraulic jack is operated manually or robotically with the help of fluids present in the cylinder. The peak of the jack is adjusted via plunger inside the cylinder and this adjustment may be done either manually or with the aid of integrating an electric motor. This research paper analyzes the change of the present motor hydraulic jack by way of incorporating an electric powered circuit for the faraway with the intention to make load lifting less difficult. on this modified layout, the crank wheel is rotated by way of connecting motor through regularly occurring coupling, plugged to the auto 12 V battery source to generate energy for the high mover (motor), which transmits its rotating speed to the crank wheel to be rotated with required speed discount and extended torque to pressure the crank wheel. The significance and motive of this work is to alter the prevailing car jack on the way to make the operation less difficult, more secure, and greater dependable with a purpose to reduce health risks especially lower backache issues related to doing paintings in a bent or squatting function for an extended period of time

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