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Design and construction of a pneumatic water pumping machine




This engineering project focuses on the Design and construction of a pneumatic water pumping machine. Water is a universal solvent and by implication is widely known as the most treasured natural resource since the beginning of the world. Consequently, the medium through which water can be transported and supplied to diverse locations for varied purposes has posed a problem in our society today. A lot of solutions have been suggested and put in place to remedy this problem. Water pumping machines, both mechanically, electrically and manually operated types have been designed and manufactured by different manufacturers to serve in several aspects of life such as for domestic purposes, in hospitals, educational institutions, oil and gas sector and so on. The primary aim of this project is to design and manufacture or construct a pneumatically operated water pumping system in which the pumping action is initiated through the air introduce to the impeller from the air compressor. Nigeria depends heavily on the importation of goods and machines. A shift from this trend requires the development of locally available technology. Available technology was utilized in the design and fabrication of the external gear pump. The design considered relevant theories and principles which affect the performance of a pump. The parts of the pump were produced locally from available materials. The discharge dropped with the increase in pressure head.


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