Development of an optical character recognition system for detective fake plate number



Abstract Optical character recognition system (OCRS) for detection of fake plate numbers is an image processing technology that uses number (license) plate to identify vehicles. The objective is to design an efficient, automatic authorized vehicle identification system by using image recognition such as barcodes. The system is implemented by the military e.g. Federal Road Safety Commission, Police Force etc. The developed systems provide a document with unique character called barcode and then this character will be captured by a barcode scanner device or barcode recognition application. Vehicle number plate and other vehicle details will be revealed if the character is authentic. Optical character recognition technique is used for character recognition. The resulting data is then used to compare with the records on a database so as to come up with the specific information like the vehicle’s owner, place of registration, address, etc. The system is implemented and developed in Visual Studio, and its performance is tested on barcode image. It is observed from the experiment that the developed system successfully detects and recognizes the vehicle number plate on real images. Keywords: number plate, vehicle, optical character recognition, barcode. 

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