Effect of street trading on traffic performance and control



Abstract The solid base of this project is the effect of street trading on traffic performance and controls: a case study of Offa Town particularly, Owode Market and Oloffa Way. It comprises of five chapters in which each of the chapters analyzed the view of the project. Chapter one deals with the introduction of the project, the causes and the shortcomings of street trading, the aim and objectives, statement of the problem, justification, scope of the study and description of the study area. Also include in this chapter the methodology, that is, the methods employed to acquired information and data, Chapter two based on the literature review of the project, the causes and effect of obstruction of traffic flow, which is the effect of parking, street trading and delay on traffic performance, the description of the project areas, past effort made on the problem. Chapter three, this deals with the collection of data, the studies of the behavior of the parties involved, that is, the traders, drivers, and pedestrians. Also included the opinions gathered through the questionnaires. Chapter four is totally based on the analysis and designs of data collected. Chapter five presents the conclusion and recommendation suggested the problems.

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