Effects of ICT center and computer laboratory in teaching and learning of computer science



Abstract The application of information and communications technology in Nigeria and in African countries generally is increasing and dramatically growing. Over the past few years, ICT has turned out to be a step by step more imperative to schools at all levels and the entire education system at large. There exist an extensive variety of researches focused on the investigation of the utilization of ICT in the process of teaching and learning in Nigerian Tertiary Education. This study aimed to assess how ICT is used in teaching and learning in Nigerian tertiary education particularly those from the western  States from the viewpoint of students, instructors, and administrators. Built on the three central research questions, the objective of this study is to assess the degree of usage of the ICT facilities in teaching and learning practices. In this study, a mixed-methods approach for data gathering was applied by using questionnaires and interviews to collect data from students, instructors, and administrators in the studied states. The responses were then analyzed based on the research questions outlined in chapter one. The result shows that the use of ICT facilities is very low and this is attributed to the poor policy implementation, lack of basic social amenities, and insecurity.

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