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Effects of labour management in building construction site – case study of Owerri, Imo state




Labour has been regarded in construction industry as very essential because it is the one that combines all other resources in order to produce the various construction products. Studies in the Nigerian construction industry have however shown that labour costs vary widely within the industry and that labour management has remained one of the most-contributing factors” to construction productivity, hence having adverse effect on firms productivity. In view of this, some factors negatively affecting the performance of construction labour were identified and proceeded further to know how these factors vary from site to site. The study area was the southwestern Nigeria and while forty questionnaires were administered to contractors, one hundred questionnaires were used to sample the opinions of labour in forty construction sites. The response levels were twenty-eight and fifty-two questionnaires from contractors and labour respectively. Like-statistical techniques were employed for the analysis in this perspective. The result indicated that unfair wages, negative influencing factors and lack of motivation were ranked high by the labour while the contractors ranked lack of training, poor communication and inclement weather as being affecting the performance labour in this respect. It was then recommended, among other things, that contractors must study the peculiarities of their workers and identify their main motivators. 


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