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Project planning and programming as tools for effective project delivery




This project is written to identify the steps towards achieving a plan on which a project is to be based, programmed for the execution of the project at a required time and estimated cost for each of the task in the program drawn or scheduled. Project planning determines what has to be done to accomplish the project this involves the objective and content of the project which entails definition of work requirement, definition of resources needed and definition of quality of work. These are achieved in two techniques that deal on network scheduling techniques and bar chart. Project program establishes a sequence of work and specifying the inter-relationship between jobs. These relationships have some logical operations, thus finish to start, start to start, finish to finish and start to finish. Programming as tool for scheduling programs includes bar charts, progress curve, critical part method (arrow diagram) progress and graphical evaluation and review techniques, line of balance, precedence network diagram, any may be used depending on the nature of the project, the needs, and capabilities of its staff, each have an advantages and disadvantages in use. Project planning and programming reviews the human and material resources, finance needed, office administration and educational training of workers in programming.


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