Lectin assessment on fresh, sweet potatoes, boiled and roasted


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Lectin assessment on fresh, sweet potatoes, boiled and roasted. 


This study is an investigation into evaluating and quantifying the lectin content of sweet potatoes in their Fresh, Boiled and Roasted state. The research was conducted using the colorimetric method as reported in the Manual of Food Quality (AOAC, 2014). Experiment carried out during the study indicates that fresh, boiled, and roasted sweet potatoes which have the value of sample A[fresh sweet potatoes]0.92, sample B[boiled sweet potatoes]0.010 and sample C[roasted sweet potatoes]0.047. The result of the study confirmed the level of lectin is minimal in boiled sweet potatoes, very high in fresh sweet potatoes and also high in roasted sweet potatoes but not as high in its fresh state. When lectin is consumed in it active state can have a negative side effect, eating sweet potatoes with a high amount of lectin is not advisable, because lectin is most potent in its high state. .

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