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Management of grey literature in academic libraries. This research investigated the management and use of grey literature in academic libraries in Katsina State. The purpose of it is to identify types of grey literature, examine methods of acquisition, processing, preservation and utilisation. In addition, to ascertain management challenges and strategies for improvement. Research questions were formulated based on seven points of the purpose. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The instruments for data collection were structured questionnaire, interview schedule and observation checklist. Documentary evidence in the area of grey literature formed the basis for the construction of these instruments. In analyzing the data collected, frequency table and mean score were used for the questionnaire and checklist, while the interview was presented in prose narrative form substantiating information obtained from the questionnaire. The findings revealed that appreciable size and variety of grey literature resources are available in most libraries but proper management is where problems lie. The major methods of acquisition are donation/gift and standing order deposits for staff. Classification is the main method through which grey literature is processed, while cataloguing, indexing and abstracting are neglected in most cases. It was also found out that the major methods employed by most of the libraries for preserving grey literature are the use of shelves with labels and vertical files collection with content descriptions. Strategies itemized for improving the management of grey literature resources include the provision of national bibliography, policy statements and adequate funds for acquisition and digitization of the resources. Based on these, the study recommends the provision of a national bibliography for grey literature.


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