Information needs and information seeking behaviour of scientists. This study is on information needs and information seeking behvaiour of scientists with science lecturers in the Department of Food Technology and Science Technology of Federal Polytechnic Nekede as a case study. The study is predicated on five objectives and research questions which are in the following: to identify the information needs of science lecturers in the Federal Polytechnic Nekede. To find out their available information resources, to find out how they obtain information for their job and other commitments, to find out the problems that are associated with the satisfaction of information needs, to identify solutions to these problems. The survey method was adopted for the study of which questionnaire schedule was used for data collection frequency table, percentage were used for data analysis. The result of the study shows that: sciences lecturers have the information needs in the areas of their jobs, professions social issues. Their information seeking behavior shows that they want personalized information services. Consequently, they make extensive use of journals, current research findings and other information products that have brevity, conciseness, correctness and authoritativeness as their qualities. Professional bodies and libraries are the means of satisfying science lecturers’ information needs lack of current journals in the institution’s library as the solution to the problem. The study is therefore recommending that information technology systems should be provided for science lecturers. National library of food and science technology should be established nearby for science lecturers. Inter-library cooperation should be adopted by librarians. Institution support and adequate finding and also recommended for the information of food and science technology manpower.

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