Modeling of gas pollution from Ilorin animal waste dumpsite



Abstract Atmospheric emission of trace gases such as carbon (iv) oxide (co4), carbon (II) oxide (co), methane (ch4) e.t.c. associated with animal waste are worldwide problems and may contribute to a detrimental impact on the environment in such a way that millions of people will be affected especially poor people who live in precarious locations or depend on land for sustenance living. And this effect was determined by modeling the effect of trace gases on the environment. The two (2) main approaches to this study were fieldwork and software application. The fieldwork was carried out on five (5) busy days in a week which were on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the animal dumpsite of the study area. The field data obtained was fed into the integrated waste management (IWM) software which determined their effect on the environment. Compressed field result in (PPM) from table 6 shows that carbon(IV)oxide is greatest on day 3, carbon II oxide is greatest on day 1 and methane (ch4) remains unchanged. The result from table 9 shows that the field result of carbon(iv)oxide only is greater than the simulated result, therefore carbon(IV)oxide will have an effect on the global warming of this environment. It is therefore recommended that afforestation should be practice in this environment to reduce the effect of carbon(iv)oxide. 

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