Importance of timber in civil engineering construction



Abstract This project was carried out to determine the importance of timber in civil engineering construction. In the course of the project, a general procedure for the purpose of wood work construction was followed. The pieces of wood for the construction of the bookshelf were properly placed and made ready for setting out. The design of the bookshelf was carefully studied as well as the cutting list. However, during setting out stage, the joints, as well as the fitting, be made were marked out of the materials, this was followed by squaring and gauging from the face sides and edge. The waste edge and parts are sawn out for shaping and involve rebate, edge which is the most important stage was the stage that allows and involves fixing and joining parts and members of the work with glues and fastener. At this point, proper gauging and squaring were ensured before nailing and gluing.Finally, finishes were applied followed by the fixing of glasses and using holes for screw and planning..

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