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Development of an Online decision support system for construction firm



Abstract The successful execution of a construction project is heavily impacted by making the right decision during tendering processes. Managing tender procedures is very complex and uncertain involving the coordination of many tasks and individuals with different priorities and objectives. Bias and inconsistent decisions are inevitable if the decision-making process totally depends on intuition, subjective judgment, or emotion. In making a transparent decision and healthy competition tendering, there exists a need for a flexible guidance tool for decision support. Aim of this project is to give a review on current practices of Decision Support Systems (DSS) technology in construction tendering processes. Current practices of general tendering processes as applied to most countries in different regions such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia are comprehensively discussed. Applications of Web-based tendering processes are also summarized in terms of their properties. Besides that, a summary of Decision Support System (DSS) components is included in the next section. Furthermore, prior researches on the implementation of DSS approach in tendering processes is discussed in detail. Current issues arise from both paper-based and Web-based tendering processes are outlined.


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