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design and implementation of a Computerized data encryption and decryption system

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Abstract This project work was carried out in order to develop a system that can encrypt and decrypt a file, all for security purposes. This aim can be achieved with the following objectives to develop a system that improves computer data security through encryption of data. The system should be a good means of safeguarding data in a system and should enhance the integrity of data. Data security in these contemporary times is a must. For your secrets to be secure, it may be necessary to add protections not provided by your computer operating systems. The scope of this study covers the message security, message integrity, user authentication and key management of messages stored in systems used by individuals, companies, security agencies in Nigeria in order to improve the security and secrecy of data. Also, this research work serves as a way of imparting knowledge to students in educational sectors on the importance of safeguarding your data. The system is developed using VB.Net, Access Database for the database. The methodology used is the waterfall methodology because of its simplicity.

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