Physical properties of potholes and their river proximity



Abstract This project assessed river proximity’s contribution to the occurrence of potholes along a road. The occurrence of potholes defects on roads is a major problem of road construction that makes researchers focus on the causes and remedy of potholes in Nigeria. The project will be determining the proximity of rivers on road construction. Four potholes soil samples were obtained at distances of 30m, 60m, 90m and 100m from the Gbodofon river in Osogbo Osun State designated as DA, DB, DC, and DD, respectively. DC has the best compaction quality being that it achieved the highest maximum dry unit weight at the same compaction effort. Besides, DA, DC and DD have very similar compaction characteristics. The four samples have CBR of less than 80%, they are not suitable for use as road base materials. The Federal Ministry of Works standard specification states that the”sub-base type 2″ material shall have a minimum CBR of 20% and the”sub-base type 1″ material shall have a minimum CBR of 30% after at least 24hours soaking. The test results show that all samples have CBR values greater than 20%. Keywords: Construction, Potholes, Proximity, River, Road.

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